0 – The Little Girl – Prologue

2 mins

Once upon a time, there was an innocent, beautiful and kind little girl.

She was a random little girl, and she liked puppies, dolls and princesses. She dreamed each night about a fantastic world. She believed in life, in people.

At her home, she though that everything was okay.

What a mistake.

She was naive, she didn’t see what was wrong. She didn’t pay attention of her father yelling every single night in the house. She didn’t pay attention to her mother crying. She didn’t notice the fake smiles, the sadness that her mother felt deep inside her. She didn’t know anything of all that mess. She was just a little girl enjoying life.

One day, everything changed.

She always though in her sweet and pure heart that she will be happy forever.

What a fool, what a stupid little girl she was.

In the garden there was a forest. She wasn’t allowed to go in there, her father didn’t want to. But she was reckless and brave. Every day she went in the forest and each time her heart was beating so hard that she thought he would stop. She felt so strong and so courageous that she had to go there every day. It was her reason to live. But did she really need a reason for that? She was just a little girl.

She liked this forest, it was her secret.

One day, she woke up earlier than usual. She was happy for no reason. She went in the garden and started running in the forest, the heart beating in her chest.

In first place she saw blood, so much blood. She stopped breathing. She didn’t know what was going on. She had never seen so much blood. It was scary. It was too much.

She decided to follow the blood marks because she felt herself brave and though she was. But she was young and did not know anything about life and even less about death.

She should have run.

But she did not.

First she saw a leg. Then she saw a body half naked. She saw a little scar in the middle of the belly. At this moment she knew who it was. There was blood on her face. There was blood in her beautiful blond hair. She didn’t have the sweet smell of flowers that she used to have. She smelled like death.

It was this day that the little girl lost her innocence.

She could have lost everything this day. But she was a ferocious little girl. She knew that she was going to be alone, for all her life. She did not get in the house again. She looked a last time at his house and saw her father covered in blood.

She did not cry once. She just turned her back and went to the road.

She never trusts anyone in her life after that. Any men, any women. Humans are the devil. She only counts on herself, and she decided on her own death.

Who though that a little girl could be so strong?

She was so stubborn and amazing.

She was just a little girl.

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