1 – 15 years later

2 mins

15 years later

She was running away. Again.

As she was living in Italia for five years now, it was time to go. She looked at the world map and thought about a destination. She had always wanted to go in London. She just packed her stuff in a big bag and ordered the tickets for the plane.

She did not have to say goodbye to someone, she had no one there.

In the plane, she thought about a lot of things. She thought about life and death… Of course she already thought about suicide, but she never had the courage to face her own demons. But maybe one day she would not have any choice. Maybe one day he will find her. That day it would be the end for her and she will end like her mother, alone, humiliated and tortured by his own family. The worst betrayal.

When she arrived at the airport of London, a man was holding a paper with her name on it: Melissa. It wasn’t her real name of course, she had to hide her identity. She smiled at the man and showed him her fake passport.

” – Hello, I’m Melissa.

– Hi, welcome to London! Did you have a good trip?

– Yes, pretty much.

– Perfect, could you follow me to the car please, I will take you to your hotel. ”

He seemed nice and gentle, but Melissa was always on the lookout. That’s a lesson that she learned from her father, the only one that he taught her: you never really know people. Humans are malicious.

She arrived at the hotel; “Hotel Cortez” she paid the taxi and went inside. It looks pretty old and quite empty but never mind, Melissa would looked for a job and then, buy a little studio. She was there just for a few weeks.

She took her reservation paper from her purse and walk to the receptionist.

He was staring at her with a sort of desire in his eyes. He was really handsome. A kind of beauty so unique that you can’t ever forget. She never felt that before. Love at first sight. She never had fall in love and yet, she just fell, in one second.

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