2 – The Threat

2 mins

She couldn’t say a word, so he told her.

” – Hi, what can I do for you?

– I, I have a reservation here.

– Okay, could you fill this paper for me. ”

He told this with the most beautiful smile she had ever seen. She felt vulnerable. She filled the paper and gave him back.

” – Thank you very much! How long will you stay?

– I don’t really know, maybe two or three weeks.

– No problem, just tell me a few days before.

– Yeah, okay…. Could you give me the key please?

– Oh yeah sorry .. Here for you, it’s the 64.

– Thanks. ”

She left quickly and gets in the elevator. When the elevator’s doors closed, she noticed that she was hot and she had a look in her phone’s camera and saw that she had her cheeks red. It was the first time for a long time now that someone really had an influence on her.

But she cannot even think about that. She did not need this kind of distraction, not now.

She decided to distract herself with everything else she could. When she went in her bedroom, she took her computer from her suitcase and started to look for an apartment. There were pretty expensive, so she would have to work. Thus, she took the journal paper that was on the bedside table, and she began to note in her phone all the works that were near to the hotel. Waitress, cooker, bartender, she didn’t care about the job, she just needed money.

As it was already 11 pm, she started to fall asleep. She was so tired that she didn’t take off her clothes. She just lay down et close her eyes.

Her phone has vibrated, and she looked at the screen, complaining. The message that was displayed woke her up in a second. It was from an unknown number, and it was written ” I’m coming for you kitty.”, her heart almost stopped beating.

Just one person gave her this nickname.

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