3 – Catharsis

2 mins

Despite the fear, she went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

She was tired. She untied her hair and put some water on her face.She looked again in the mirror. She had brown hair, a square jaw, and relatively hollow cheeks. The only part of her body that she ever liked was her eyes. Her eyes were so blue that you could easily lose yourself in there. When she was staring at someone, this one lost his breath, captivated by her eyes, drowning in it. She was this kind of person that you cannot ever forget the face of. She was beautiful and scary at the same time.

Attractive, madly attractive.

She always hated her body in spite of her mother’s eyes. She found herself too skinny, too fragile. It was just an impression because she was so strong by so many ways.

She took off her clothes and went into the shower. Her favourite moment of the day. She felt safe, alone, deliciously alone and freakin’ herself.

It wasn’t possible to see a piece of skin on her arms. She was that kind of people, full of tattoos. There was so emptiness in her heart that she found the way to get tattoos to feel kind of filled. She had so many ones that she couldn’t count them anymore. There was some that had a real meaning like the lightning on the side of her forearm or even the little heart on her left shoulder. Her meanings tattoos were on her left arm. Yeah, that’s right, the arm of the heart. Her favourite one was the dagger crossing a rose, this one had a deep meaning. In spite of the many tattoos that she already had, it was never enough.

She cut off the water and finally got out. She had taken the control back of her emotions. Tattoos were her catharsis. Everyone has his own thing, that was hers.

She was finally ready. She took her phone and threw it out of the window. The phone broke into several pieces. She smiled. She had the feeling that she had put her problems away, for now.

It was 2 pm, so she decided to go to sleep. She just checked the door and the window before. Everything looked fine, she could sleep peacefully.

She had nightmares, every single night but she kind of got use to it. Like your own shadow, you can not get rid of it. Never. She always did the same one. She was seeing her mother dead, full of blood, disfigured. She panicked, ran away but someone was behind her and ran faster than her. She felt a hand, tugging on her shirt, and heard a spooky laugh. She always woke up with shivers down her spine. She was breathless and was nearly to faint.

When she woke up, the sun was already up in the sky. That was her new start, and it will be good. She was going to find a job and try to live a normal life. She already knew where she wanted to work.

Camden Town.

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