4 – Camden

2 mins

She got dressed, tied her hair up and cleaned her face. She took her purse with her fake passport and some money in it. Today, she will find a job and start her new life.

She went down, saw the handsome receptionist but decided to ignore him. She had to be strong and forget her emotions. 

But the receptionist didn’t want to forget about the mysteriously attractive woman that he met last night. He did not stop thinking about her since he saw her. He was kind of obsessed. He came to her and wanted to ask her out or at least get her phone number. 

” – Hi, sorry for bothering you but I just wanted to know if everything was okay with your room?

– Yeah, thank you, everything is fine.

– I’m glad to hear that, so you are from Italia?

– How do you….

– I saw it on your passport, sorry.. I didn’t mean to be intrusive.

– Oh, no that’s okay, don’t worry and yes I’ve been to Italy. I’m actually doing a road trip all around the world, so I’m staying a few years in the country I’ve chosen.

– Wow cool, I would love to be so reckless.

– Really? It’s easy you know.

– Not for me.

– Why? You just have to pack your stuff and leave!

– It’s not that easy, I’ve a family and responsibilities.

– Oh, okay.. I have to go.

– Yeah sure, have a good day! If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask me. ”

She left without saying anything and without looking at him. She did not understand. How can you get attached to someone? How can people be so naive and weak? They are not bold enough to do what they want. Melissa knew that these people would wake up one day and realize that it’s too late for their dreams. They ruined everything. People are very strong at making themselves suffer. It’s the human nature.

She called a taxi and went to Camden Town. She has already found jobs in the newspaper, so she will give her resume and see if she got anything . After spending the morning giving resumes, she decided to have lunch. Fish n chips. Yeah, not very original but good as hell. 

After this morning, Melissa went on a walk in the streets, looking at the beauty of London and breathing this new air. She felt herself and she felt kind of safe. There! A phone shop! She went into the shop, put off her sunglasses — even if there isn’t the sun at all — and looked at the phones. She had £50, so she had to take the worst phone but it will be good enough for her.

In getting out of the shop, Melissa saw a tattoo shop. There were flash tattoos, at really low prices. She had to go , just for looking. She always loved tattoo shop; the mood, the people, the smell. Everything was making her feel like home. She really felt like she belonged to this place. The tattoos were differents and really beautiful. She had to get one. The flash tattoos are tattoos which are already draw and that the tattoo artist tattooed quickly. It was on halloween theme. So, there were dark tattoos, scray ones. Melissa looked at the books. She turned the pages and saw immediately which one she will pick.

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