5 – Finn

2 mins

She always had tattoos ideas. She had a huge imagination. When she saw that spider tattoo she fell in love with it. It represented danger, poison, fear, darkness, all her life actually. She went to see the tattoo artist who was there.

  ” – Hello, I just saw that the spider tattoo was still available so I wanted to know if I can get an appointment and come later to have it done..?

– Hey, hmm it’s complicated because when you choose a tattoo, you have it immediately. I can’t reserve it to you, sorry. 

– What if I come really soon like tomorrow or even tonight? 

– I don’t know… I don’t know you either, so I cannot know if you are honest. 

– Okay, I can understand, but I really need this tattoo, it’s like vital for me. 

– Maybe I have a solution for you. 

– Really? What is it? 

– I think that you can have you tattoo right now and for free. 

– What? Why..? 

– You just have to give me your number and I’ll tattoo you. ”   

  This man was pretty charismatic and direct. He had beautiful dark blue eyes and black, messy hair. Straight away she knew how to answer. She already met guys like him.

” – Alright, here you go. ”

She wrote her number on a paper and gave it to him. She already did worse than giving her phone number to a stranger.

He looked quite surprised but took hastily the paper. He smiled and said.

” – Perfect, I’ll take care of you. Here the paper that you have to sign and I will tell you when everything is ready.

– Thanks! ”   

  She signed, wrote her fake name, answered to the questions as ” Are you under influence of any drugs or alcohol “.

While she was waiting, she looked at her phone and checked the settings. She blocked every information that could be dangerous for her as the location.

The tattoo artist arrived, took Melissa to the room just besides and started to tattoo her. Melissa didn’t even know his name, so she asked him. His name was Finn. They talked while she was getting the tattoo and he seemed nice and pretty cool. They quite get along, and the tattoo lasted for 50 minutes.

The tattoo was really beautiful, really thin.

  « – Here you go, is that okay for you?

– Yeah it’s pretty cool, I really like it, you’re very talented. Thanks a lot! 

– My pleasure! » 

She was about to leave but Finn stopped her before she did .

« – So, you really like tattoos don’t you?

– Yeah it’s a real obsession actually, why? 

– Tonight, there’s a party at my place, and a lot of really talented tattoo artists will be there. You can come if you want, I think you would enjoy it. 

– Oh, yeah sure, it would be really fun! You send me the address! 

– Sure, see ya tonight beautiful. »   


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy it! Don’t hesitate to comment and tell me what you think.

– Bad.

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Mathieu Jaye
5 années il y a

Congratulations ! I hope you will continue to write !


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