6 – Sweet but psycho

2 mins

She smiled at Finn and got out. It was a fake smile actually.

She wanted to have a drink, so she walked into the streets. Melissa saw a Starbucks which was quite empty. She ordered a big simple cafe. She sat when she got it and read her name on it.

” Nelyssa ”

Alright, that’s almost that.

She stayed here during the rest of the day. When it started to be dark outside she took the address that Finn sent her.

She walked for 45 minutes.

There were lights, a lot of people outside and american music.

Melissa didn’t really like parties. She did not drink any alcohol or take any drugs. She hated that feeling of losing control. Being vulnerable.

The house was little but a lot of people succeeded to enter. The kitchen was closed by a door. She went inside and found Finn.

  ” – Melissa! You came!

– Hey, that’s pretty cool here. How did you find a place like this?  

– It was the house of an old friend that decided to left for a road trip so he let his place to me. 

– Oh a good friend. 

– Yeah quite nice! Come I would like to present you. ”   

She followed him and talked to a lot of people. They were all nice and passion with tattoos so she really felt herself. In the middle of the night she started to doze so she said goodbye to everyone. She walked toward the hotel, looking at her phone with a lot of new numbers in it. Those people seemed to like her. A message appeared on the screen.

” It was cool to see ya, we should have a drink, just the two of us! 😉 – Finn ”

She smiled and put her phone in her jacket.

Arriving at the hotel she noticed that the receptionist was still there. Was it always working?

She was really euphoric that night and wanted to talk to him. She had nothing to lose, she could leave if she does not feel it.

” – Hey, you’re working at this time?

– … Hey, yeah I’m doing extra hours actually. 

– Oh okay, why is that? 

– I would like to buy a bike so I need a lot of money. 

– Cool, you’ll show me when you have it. What’s your name by the way? 

– You can call me Mark. 

– Nice to meet you Mark!  

You don’t ask my name? 

– I saw it on your passport. 

– True! I’m so dumb sometimes. 

– Aha no you’re not. I mean you look smart. 

– Thanks, I hope I am. I was thinking, I don’t know anything about this city so could you make me a private visit? 

– Yes, sure, I would love it!! I mean if I can help. 

– Great, tomorrow in the afternoon, can you? 

– Yes, I can, see you then. 

– See you tomorrow! ” 

He was so sweet and kind to Melissa. He seemed to be a good person.

Melissa went in her room.  

Suddenly she felt really alone. She looked at herself in the mirror of the bathroom. She was lost and did not know what to do. She forbade herself to create links with people, yet, it was exactly what she did. Her heart was full of regret.

She took the razor blades and started to hurt herself.

She smiled at herself in the mirror and noticed that her pupils were dilated.

– Intense Pleasure –

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